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About Orchid™

Simple. Intelligent. Precise. 

Utilising GPS and GSM technologies, Black International have developed a unique range of location devices designed to let you know where your property is, when requested. Each Orchid™ comes equipped with a built in SIM card that connects to the Global M2M network, providing accurate coordinates anywhere in the world.

The Orchid™ has been designed to fit easily inside your assets allowing true discretion and protection for your property. Orchid™ installation capabilities are endless, examples of these include but are not limited to: vehicles, tools, boats, plant and machinery, bikes and many more battery operated items.

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The Black Web App

Keep a single inventory of all your assets. 

The location of your Orchid™ device is accessible from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Simply create an account with a valid email address and start to add your assets.


This will create an asset register, your register will act as a searchable directory for all of your assets, providing a central point for relevant information. Once your unique Orchid™ code has been assigned to your asset, you can request the location of your assets at the touch of button.


The Orchid™ is the smallest GPS locator on the market, designed & manufactured to be installed discreetly into your smallest battery powered assets.


The Orchid™ has been created to service assets with a battery voltage between 12 and 24v specifically.


Installation is quick and simple by connecting two wires, a red wire to the positive of the battery feed and a black wire to ground the device.

The Orchid™ Range

Which device best suits your asset?


Where to buy

Who are our trusted partners?

We've partnered with some of the most trusted companies in their respective industries. Marine, Automotive, Motor-home, Off-road, Motorcycle and leisure, whatever your needs our partners have got you covered. If you are not comfortable with installing our products yourself, be sure to ask about their competitive installation rates.

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The secret is inside

Unlock the power of your Orchid™ in four easy steps



First things first, access our Black Web App at the top of the page. Create your  private account and login to access all of the functions of your device.



Activate your Orchid™ device by adding an asset to your inventory. Enter all of the assets details and then load the devices unique Orchid Number in the Orchid™ details section.



Install your device by first snapping the power tab or wiring to a temporary power supply, test reception and communication, then hard wire the device to the  assets power supply.

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Locate your asset by opening the Black app and pressing the locate icon, the GPS | GSM technology will do the rest for you and send you an email when your asset has been located.



“We’ve installed the Orchidplus Devices into our plant machinery as they’re always left on-site and so far they’ve been great.
Every time we’ve requested it’s location, it’s always come back quickly and exactly where it should be.”

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